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Software for Pathfinder Network Analysis

Pathfinder software is now being distributed for free. Enjoy the software. Please send references to work you do with the software. Good luck!  

JPathfinder is the latest Java version of the software. It runs on any computer with an up-to-date version of Java (free). Some sample data files and a terms file are placed in a "jpf" directory for experimentation. This software is still in beta testing so please report any problems or bugs. You also should download fresh copies before starting new projects to take advantage of any fixes that have been made.

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Executable jar file: Download JPathfinder.jar (4.7 Mbytes)

Documentation: Download JPathfinder.doc

The Quick Guide provides an overview of JPathfinder and
some advice on using the software. Download JPathfinder Quick Guide


JRate is a Java program for collecting pairwise relatedness ratings.

Executable jar file: Download JRate.jar (4.7 Mbytes)

How to use: Download JRate.doc


JTarget is a Java program for collecting relatedness ratings by moving terms. It may not render properly on the Macintosh.

Executable jar file: Download JTarget.jar (4.7 Mbytes)

How to use: Download JTarget.doc


Matlab version of Pathfinder (7.0)

The Matlab version requires Matlab version 2015a or later as well as the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox. The downloaded files include the required .m files and some sample data sets to exercise the software.

Download Matlab

Documentation is available in the MS Word file, "Pathfinder.doc" which will be found in the folder into which you extract the pathfinder files.

Extract the zipped files to a directory of your choosing, make that directory the current directory in Matlab, and enter "pathfinder" in the Matlab Command Window to start.

The "Help" button in the Pathfinder application will
open the "Pathfinder.doc" file.


Book: Pathfinder Associative Networks: Studies in Knowledge Organization     Out of Print  
Download zipped PDF of the Pathfinder Book